Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Lee's Summit, Missouri


Diana - October 3, 2019

Kelly is an amazing attorney! She knows the law and worked hard for us. Like she was fighting for her own family. We would recommend her to anyone in a custody battle or anything for that matter. She stays on top of things and is always there for you. Thank you Kelly for all you did! 

Rob - September 15, 2019

kelly is great to deal with and is so friendly and compassionate with clients.  she did a great job with my custody case.would definatly recommend 

Rush - February 28, 2019

Not just good ... she’s the BEST!  When I met Kelly my wife had just ran off and filed for divorce while she was pregnant with our daughter. I wasn’t sure if she was pregnant with our daughter or somebody else’s kid and it was a real mess. Typical situation where I came home from work and the house was empty and all the money was gone. It was a horrible situation to live through but I had a friend recommend me to the law firm Kelly was working at and I’m so glad they did. Kelly was my Attorney and she was great!

Divorce is no fun but Kelly is very professional and worked very hard for me and my daughter to get a fair custody agreement. My ex-wife and I were only married for a short time so there was not much to deal with there but My ex-wife kept filing all sorts of accusations during this divorce .. it got way out of hand but Kelly managed it professionally no matter what it was and when it all came to an end I got exactly what I was trying to get for custody. I got 50-50 custody. No one in the world could’ve expected such great results. I would recommend Kelly to anybody. My divorce was crazy just like a lot of peoples are. If you’re looking for just a “good attorney” go somewhere else because Kelly is the BEST Attorney!

Just look at the results I got. :)

Thank you Kelly!!!!! 

Anthony - December 2, 2019

Kelly did awesome work for Shelly Thornton, We are highly satisfied with her as an attorney. She responded quickly to all our questions and problems. Thank you Kelly for being so great.

Shannon - December 3, 2019

great lawyer  - She took my case when I didn’t know want I was going to do. She got exactly want I thought I deserve in my divorce. She walk me through the whole process all the way to my divorce being finale.